Pittsburgh Food Truck (PGH) packaging

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Cardboard, Digital Prints, Die Cuts



Office Supplies

The purpose of the office supply project was to package the same products in two different styles.  The designs of the two sets were able to exemplify different stereotypes.  The first step was to explore the differences between the demographics. Using both the way the consumers see themselves, and the way others see them, a generalized reflection of the individuals in that set was developed.  From this a graphic vocabulary grew to visually represent each group.  Elements of those languages depict the identity of the consumer in the finished packages.


Young Women 18-24

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Stereotypically, independence is new to the women of this demographic.  As they grow into their adult hood, they cultivate their own sensibility, and develop their own identities.  At the same time, they still retain a notion of drama and awe.  These women often search for exceptional distinction, and appreciate more extravagant designs.

The style of the packages were crafted to represent this identity.  The black and white color scheme hints at that mix of teen-aged drama with the growing sensibility of adult hood.  The patterning and bow add aspects of levity and youth.  Cylinders stand out amid the rows and rows of boxes, while mimicking cosmetics.  Overall the design marries what this group is becoming with what they are leaving behind, while delighting and inspiring the women of this demographic.

Business Professionals

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Among businessmen and women with more than 20 years experience, women can be scarce, and often unaccustomed to displaying frivolity or femininity.  Stereotypically, both genders find comfort in conformity.  They often value functionality and purpose.

The style of the packages designed to represent this personality is thus very simple yet iconic.   The  generic box shapes epitomize functionality and universality.  All boxes are one of three sizes, which jigsaw together to form a larger rectangle, allowing all five boxes to stack unobtrusively on the edge of the desk.  The iconic graphics of the top of the box, and simple labels on the bottom make recognizing the contents quick and easy, while the unglued, folded structure demonstrates helps to trim costs and aid practicality.  This package design is perfect for any business professional’s desk.

My First Package Design

These little guys won second place in sculpture at the US Bank Celebration of the Arts show in the Kentucky Museum. The show ran from Feb 25 through March 31 2012, and was juried by Boris Zakic, Associate Professor of Art from Georgetown College.


My First Package Design

Untitled Package
Card Stock, Glue, and Paper Clips,
2.25″ x 2.25″ each (four pieces)