My name is Kat Scanga, and I love packages, primarily because they interact with consumers in a way that other art forms often do not. While art is treated with reverence, packages are seen as disposable, unimportant, mundane. Without even thinking, we take packages home with us, bring them into our lives. We plop them in our pantries, garages, closets, bathrooms drawers, and once their purpose has been served, we throw them away. The brevity of time spent in our lives only furthers the notion that these objects are inconsequential.

This perceived mundanity gives them power. Whether for good or ill, they shape our subconscious landscape, our self identity, and our perception of others. Packages define our views of the world.

Packages serve as a vehicle between the manufacturer and the consumer. My challenge is to balance the needs of both. The goal is always to develop a rich, and intentioned interaction between consumer and package. At the same, practical considerations such as cost, structure, shipping, and materials must all be considered. I delight in this opportunity to use my knowledge of three-dimensional design to create a package which is both satisfying for the consumer, and practical for the manufacturer. In this endeavor I am able to use all of my skills to touch the lives of people I will never meet.


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